Klara Gunnlaugsdottir: Icelandic artist based in Brittany, France

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My story

Born in 1965 in Iceland I grew up in a small town close to Reykjavik, surrounded by lava fields on one side and the Atlantic ocean on the other.  In 2000, big changes became in my life, as I moved to Brittany, France with my husband and children.  Few years later I decided to devote myself to my passion, namely painting, and in 2009 I opened my workshop “Atelier KLARA G”.  Since then I have been working as a professional independent artist.  I have held several solo exhibitions both in France and Iceland and taken part in many group exhibitions in both of these countries as well as recently in England.  My paintings have been sold to private residences, offices and shops in Europe, USA, Canada and Australia. Up until now in 13 countries!

My work is abstract style and I use acrylic and mixed media.  I love to play with colours, shapes and textures in order to create different effects and reliefs. The source of my inspiration is simply nature itself, especially the amazing landscape of my home-country Iceland and the beautiful landscape of Brittany in France, where I am currently living.  Often my work reflects the motion, forces and contrasts that can be seen in the nature. I like to oppose light and darkness, rough and smooth, thick and thin. Or, for example new hot volcano eruption against old cooled lava and ice-cold snow.  I try to capture the attention of the viewer in order to invite him on a trip into a different world full of surprises and mystery.

Thank you for your interest in my work and I hope you like it!  Please feel free to contact me for all further information, questions or remarks.


Original and unique artwork !

The work of Klara Gunnlaugsdottir are imbued with her artist's soul. She deploys her talent through delicate combinations of colors and textures. You will find her paintings, in small, medium and big format classified after following themes:

About the artist

Klara Gunnlaugsdottir is a self-taught artist and since 2009 has been working as a indipendent artist based in France. She has held several personal exhibitions and taken  part in many collective exhibitions both in France and Iceland and now for the first time is exhibiting in London at Brick Lane Gallery.  Klara’s work is abstract style, her paintings powerful and with strong contrasts, where light and dark colors compete.

Mighty brushstrokes and innovative painting technique, is respectively inspired by nature and emotion and she manage to create harmonious combination of colours and forms.  The artist prefers to paint inside but she spends much of her time outdoors where she soaks up shapes, colors and the play of light.

Giulia Franceschini
Gallery Manager
The Brick Lane Gallery | 216 Brick Lane | London

The paintings by Klara, an Icelandic artist, are special. I have followed her work for some time and her creative potential is very interesting in its innovation as well as her way of treating her work. Through her painting one can sense all the mystery of her Iceland which she expresses with great sensitivity. The power of fire and water is perceived in it as a complaint, as a cry and it is beautiful.  She is an artist of the future and her works must emerge rapidly in order to reach beyond her own frontiers.

Official Painter for the Army

Klara’s paintings are made of different “materials”, for example modelling paste, sand and/or stones mixed with acrylic and ink, and lures us into the atmosphere of her native Iceland, mixing together snow and fire, the light from the sky and the blackness of the lava fields. Her universe is, mostly, at the frontier of the abstract and of the figurative. An astonishing harmony exudes from her works, a distinct calm and serenity… a bit like when looking out to the sea from the shores of Belle-Ile or when one finds oneself lost in the wild endlessness in Iceland. 


Manager of « Un Temps pour l’Art »